July 17, 2020

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Best Alkaline Water Purifier in India

Best Alkaline Water Purifier in India An important aspect of life that you cannot compromise with, is the quality of drinking water. As we get unhygienic water direct from our tap, it’s being a trend now to install the best water purifier to get healthy drinking water at home. Advanced water purifiers use a combination of technologies to remove a variety of impurities and make water usable.

Over the years, several brands have launched water purifiers with a variety of features and purification of technologies. But the Best Alkaline Water Purifier in India out of all is Havells. They have recently launched a brand-new water purifier i.e. Havells Digiplus Alkaline Water Purifier which uses RO + UV purification technology.

So, in this article, we are sharing the reasons why Havells purifier is the best in the Indian market.

Features of Havells Digiplus Alkaline Water Purifier

This purifier has many features yet extremely attractive design. This advanced 8 stage purifier not only looks artistically perfect but also provides reliable purification.


Another feature of Havells DigiplusAkaline Purifier is it comes with a revitalize. The main function of it is to reorganize the water molecules to make them biologically active. It helps to improve mineral absorption and hydration process.

iProtect Purification

This function performs an important role in monitoring the purification procedure and lets you drink safe and clean water.

Alkaline Taste Enhancer

It corrects the PH level in pure water. Its purified water helps you to fight acidity, improves your skin problems, digestive system, and maintains your weight. The process adds natural alkaline minerals to regular alkaline water. So as a result, you can always drink tasty and healthy drinking water.

Convenient Jog Dial

With its hygienic dial, it is easy to deliver the desired amount of water, with zero splashes.

Smart Alerts

It has two smart alerts: Process Alerts and Error Alerts.

Life Indicator

It observes and demonstrates the longevity of the filer life to help you plan comprehensive maintenance. This will allow you to be aware of when you need to repair your filter.

Neoteric Design

This water purifier stands out as a result of its future and one-of-a-kind design compared to other water purifiers. The combination of navy blue and black compact design and vibrant dual-tone colour with asuperior touch user interface will add the value to your kitchen’s interior. The colour combination of the water purifier makes it more attractive.

And unlike other water purifiers that feature a tap for water supply, this Havells Digiplus Alkaline Water Purifier brings a unique soft touch that serves zero splashes, zero pollution, and smooth flow.

Specifications ofHavells Alkaline Water Purifier

  • RO+UV Purification Technology.
  • 8 Purification Stages.
  • 7 litres storage capacity.
  • The power rating is 60W.
  • The pressure rating is 06-30 PSI.
  • It has food-safe material.
  • The flow rate is up to 15 litres per hour.
  • 1-year warranty.

Price and Warranty of Havells Water Purifier

Best Alkaline Water Purifier in India

This amazing product is available on many online shopping platforms. This water purifier’s market price is nearly 24,000. You can also purchase this from your nearby Havells outlet. They will give you a 1-year warranty provided by manufacturers from the date of purchase. It includes water purifier and its installation kit.

Why Should You Buy This Havells Alkaline Water Purifier in India?

  • At first, it is challenging to find such an impressive double UV purification system in a water filter at an affordable price. We always want to drink healthy water which is very difficult to get nowadays because of water pollution. So, if you spend a little money, you can easily get to drink healthy and tasty water.
  • This increases the level of oxygen in the water and maintains proper hygiene in the water tank. Besides, it pays close attention to maintaining the PH level of the water which is very beneficial for your body.
  • The Revitalizer restructures the water molecules and makes it healthy to drink. This leads to improving hydration and mineral absorption. It also provides mineral fortifications that means only impurities will separate from the water, but not the main nutrition. It also enhances the taste of the water.
  • In addition to providing 10% pure and tasty water, it boasts many consumer-friendly warnings for low water pressure, a tank full, and error warnings for UV, and pump failure.
  • This Havells RO water purifier can mount easily and take up less space. And most importantly, because of its unique design, you can mount this water filter in a corner, place it on a tabletop, can mount it on a wall, or whenever you feel like to save space.
  • High-level water filter brings high annual costs, while the plus point is, the maintenance costs of this water filter are relatively very low and it gives value for money.


So, without a doubt, you can buy Havells, the Best Alkaline Water Purifier for your home and workplace.

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