July 21, 2020

Best baby blankets in India 2020 – Best Sellers


Best baby blankets in India

To keep the baby safe against cold, a blanket can be the best option. One can find a variety of blankets for babies in the market. The skin of the baby is soft, and it cannot bear much weight also. Hence one needs to go for the blanket that can offer warmth and that too without much weight on the baby. Many companies manufacture exclusive blankets for babies in India. These are softer than the regular blankets used by adults. Apart from that, they also come in attractive designs that look cute on newborn babies. You can check some of the best baby blankets in the list below.

  1. LuvLap Muslin Cotton Baby Blanket

Best baby blankets in India

This blanket is made from 100 percent muslin cotton material, and it is very soft and gentle for babies. It can be used as a blanket and also as a burp cloth.Best baby blankets in India 2020


It is light in weight and suited for all weather conditions. The best part about the blanket is that they get softer after a few washes, and you can use them for a long duration.


It is very easy to wash this blanket with normal water, and it dries quickly when compared to other clothes. In this way, you can use it for babies in all seasons without any hassle, and that too for a long duration.

  1. First Trend Baby Blanket


This blanket comes with a hood, and it is best suited for the winter season. It keeps the head warm and protects the ears from cold air during the winter season. You can also use it without the hood by sliding it behind the blanket.


The hoods have attractive cartoons that give it a unique appearance. It is available in different attractive colours so that you can use each one for a different day.


It comes in a pack of five, and you will get complete value for your money as it is very attractively priced for its quality.


Best baby blankets


  1. My Newborn Baby Blanket


It is made from the best quality flannel fabric that is soft and gentle on the skin for babies.


It comes in a pack of two, and it is available in multiple colours. It can also be used as a shawl or spreadsheet apart from the regular blanket.


It is best suited for babies up to 24 months of age. Even after that, you can continue to use them as a towel or wrapping cloth.


You can choose “Best baby blankets in India” 2020 for your kids or gift them for your loved ones on special occasions.

Best baby blankets


  1. My Newborn Polka Printed Baby Blanket


It is an AC blanket that comes with a hoodie and space for putting the legs. You can put the baby inside this blanket and wrap it comfortably.


It is best suited for the winter season or when you have air conditioning switched on at home. It provides complete protection from cold air and keeps the baby warm.


It comes in attractive colours in a pack of two, and you can easily choose it as a gift for your family members.


Best baby blankets


  1. Rabitat Bamboo Baby Blanket


This is one of the best baby blankets available in the market, and it is made from high-quality bamboo that is many times softer than cotton. It is best suited for delicate skin, and it is treated with an antibacterial wash that reduces odor.


No harsh chemicals and dyes are used on this product. It is also a breathable fabric, thereby making it suitable for all seasons. It allows sufficient air circulation that keeps the baby comfortable inside the blanket for long hours.


It also looks very attractive, and you can maintain it easily by general wash. It will easily last many months without any hassles giving you complete value for your money.


Best baby blankets


  1. Brandon AC Baby Blanket

Best baby blankets


The amazing pink colored blanket is best suited for AC room usage. It keeps the baby warm completely from head to toe.


The unique design comes with a hoodie in the shape of a rabbit that looks very attractive on babies. You can wrap the whole body with this blanket and keep the baby warm and comfortable for long hours.

It is very soft and gentle on the skin, and it can be used for many months without any hassles. It is also easy to maintain, and you can wash it with gentle detergents.

These are some of the best baby blankets available in India at leading online stores. You can choose them based on the material used for the blanket. Also, check the design as some of them come in hoodies, and others come in plain designs. The ones that come in plain designs can also be used as towels at a later stage.

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