August 8, 2020

Best Grill Sandwich Maker India 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

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Best Grill Sandwich Maker India 2020

Making sandwiches at home is not a difficult task anymore when choosing the best grill sandwich maker online. You can easily make delicious sandwiches and toast at home using these products.


Best Grill Sandwich Maker India 2020 – Buyer’s Guide


If you are planning to buy a grill sandwich maker, you need to choose them based on the below mentioned factors to get the best value for your money.


Size of the Best Grill sandwich maker


The size of the sandwich maker matters a lot as some of them can handle only two slices of bread at a time, and others can handle 4 slices of bread at a time.




Always make sure that the plates are made of nonstick material so that it is easy to clean, and it cooks the sandwich perfectly. Some models also come with an oil collection tray so that excess oil does not leak outside.




This is very important and always makes sure that the sandwich maker has a cool body touch. Some designs have ergonomic handles for safe operation. Also, prefer models that have automatic power cut off features to avoid burning your sandwiches. You can also choose the ones that come with temperature control features.




Always prefer reputed brands as they provide better warranty and service when compared to small brands.




You can get sandwich makers in different price ranges, and it depends on the size of the unit and its features. Make sure to buy them online from reputed sources to get them at the best price.

Prestige PGMFB Sandwich Maker


The black coloured grill sandwich toaster from Philips comes with fixed grill plates and operates at 800-watt capacity. 




  • It has fixed grill plates
  • Comes with a nonstick heating plate
  • 800 watts power
  • Attractive design
  • The ergonomic handle protects hands from heat
  • Indicator lights for power and cut off

Pros & Cons

  • Needs less oil while toasting
  • Easy to clean
  • Non stick and nontoxic plates
  • One year warranty
  • Less power consumption
  • Build quality is not up to the mark




Best Grill Sandwich Maker


Pigeon Egnite Plus Sandwich Maker


The elegant design and white body finish will attract sandwich lovers for sure. It is easy to handle and safe to use due to ergonomic handle design.




  • It has bigger and deeper plates
  • Cord length of one meter
  • Comes with power light indicator
  • 750 watts power, operating voltage 220-240 volts




  • The quick heating feature helps you to make a delicious sandwich in no time
  • Can also grill paneer and chicken sandwich
  • Good for two slice sandwich
  • Small and compact design
  • Consumes less power




  • It does not come with an auto cutoff feature.


Best Grill Sandwich Maker

Kent Sandwich Maker


The multi-functional grill also works as a toaster and sandwich maker. Kent surely lives up to its reputation with this amazing sandwich maker suited for small families.




  • It has an ergonomic handle for safe operation
  • Easy to clean and easy to store
  • 700 watts power  and 220-240 v voltage
  • Includes user guide
  • Comes with LED indicator 




  • It has an automatic temperature control feature
  • It has dual cooking surface unlike many other products
  • The height is adjustable according to the size of food items
  • It has a nontoxic ceramic coating




  • Hinges are made of cast plastic, and it is little fragile


Best Grill Sandwich Maker India

Havells Toastino Slice Grill Sandwich Maker


This is a good option if you want to buy the large 4 slice grill sandwich maker for your home.




  • Runs on 2000 watts power
  • Nonsticky plates
  • Stainless steel make
  • It has neon indicators
  • Very attractive ergonomic design
  • Also suitable for barbeque and grilled food apart from a sandwich
  • Comes with a unique temperature control knob to regulate heat
  • It has ergonomic hinges and easy lock




  • Separate tray to collect extra oil and no risk of spillage
  • Comes with 4 slice grill option 
  • It has a heat resistant body for safe operation
  • 180-degree open grill for smooth operation
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Unlike other models, this has a timer, so there is no risk of burnt food




  • Short power cord
  • Problems with hinges not locking properly in some cases


Bajaj Majesty Sandwich Maker


The compact sandwich maker from Bajaj is suitable for small families, and it has an attractive design.




  • It has non stick coating plates
  • It has a cool touch body
  • Neon indicators for power on and ready to cook indication
  • Comes with base support for stable operation
  • 750 watts power
  • Has both toast and grill function




  • Safe clip on handle prevents hazards
  • Very easy to clean
  • Comes with a buckle clip to lock the griller and this presses the sandwich 
  • Comes with a cord winder at the bottom for easy storage




  • Not suitable for a large sandwich


Grill Sandwich Maker

Morphy Richards Sandwich Maker


This is probably the best looking sandwich maker on the list, and the company offers a good 2-year warranty on this product.




  • Comfortable handle at the front for easy carrying
  • Neon indicators for power on and ready to cook indication
  • 750 watts power
  • Removable cord for easy storage




  • It has non stick plates
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Very compact and space-saving design
  • No risk of oil dripping to the bottom
  • It has a cool touch body for safe operation at home




  • Slightly difficult to clean


These are some of the best grill sandwich makers available in the market. You can choose them depending on the size of the sandwich you want to grill. If you are looking forward to using it at home, you can go for the small and compact models. On the other hand, if you are looking to use it at commercial outlets, make sure that you choose the ones that can cook a large-sized sandwich. Also, check the price and warranty offered by the company before choosing them for your home.


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