August 23, 2020

Best Nutrients for Hydroponics India – Only Organic

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Best Nutrients for Hydroponics India

Many people cannot get good results with soil-based farming, and they want to try hydroponics. You can use the below-mentioned nutrients for hydroponics and get the best results with home gardening.


Buyer’s guide for hydroponic nutrients


If you plan to buy hydroponic nutrients from the market, you need to be aware of these factors. Choose them based on these factors to get good value for your money.


Presence of micronutrients and macronutrients


Make sure that the mixture contains adequate amounts of both micro and macronutrients. Read the description carefully before you choose them for your hydroponic farming needs.


Suitability for your crops


Not all nutrients are suited for all types of crops. While some are suited for leafy vegetables, some are suited for flowers and other vegetables.


Suitability for different types of farming


Some nutrients may also be suitable for coco peat farming and soil farming apart from hydroponics. In this way, you can use the same nutrients for all your farming needs.


Ease of use


The nutrient mixture should be easy to use. Some of them need good knowledge about plant nutrition, and you may have to mix them in the proper order to get good results.


Form of nutrients


Nutrients come in powder, granular and liquid form. As per your choice you can select one of the forms. Liquid-based nutrients mix easily when compared to other forms of nutrients.


How long can you store them after mixing?


In most cases, you will be able to store them for at least a few months after mixing them. However, granular based nutrients stay stable for a longer duration when compared to liquid-based nutrients.

  1. Pindfresh Hydroponic Nutrients


The hydroponic nutrients come in powder form and have 5 parts that need to be used in combination.




  • Can be used in hydroponic systems, soil and coco peat farming
  • Highly concentrated nutrients in powder form
  • You can make 5 parts of 500 ml solution with this pack
  • Has measuring cup
  • Contains micronutrients, iron chelate, mono ammonium phosphate, calcium nitrate and potassium nitrate for good growth




  • Very easy to use as it comes with complete instructions
  • Complete nutrition set and no other nutrient required
  • Suitable for all plants, fruits, vegetables, and flowers
  • Very good absorption
  • Provides optimum nutrition, and each nutrient helps in the different growth cycle of plants.




  • Quantity is slightly less, and it can become expensive in the long run


Best Nutrients for Hydroponics

  1. Greenloop Pure Hydroponic Nutrients


The nutrients are best suited for leafy vegetables and flower plants. You can also use them for herbs.




  • Comes in two parts of granular and paste form that need to be mixed before using
  • Can be easily mixed in water and stored for many months
  • It has all micro and macro nutrients
  • You can make about 2 liters of concentrate with this mixture




  • Best suited for leafy vegetables and bushy plants
  • You can use the nutrients for multiple plants in the same setup
  • Comes with complete easy to follow nutrition management guide
  • Easily dissolves in water and remains stable




  • May not be suitable for all types of hydroponic plants


Best Nutrients for Hydroponics


  1. Greenloop Hydroponic Nutrients


The nutrients are best suited for tomatoes and veggies like beans, eggplant, cabbage, capsicum, okra etc.


Features :


  • Comes in a combination of granular and paste form that can be mixed to make a liquid concentrate
  • It can make about 2 liters of concentrate which can be used as 200 liters of half-strength dosage
  • Suits most types of hydroponic plants
  • Based on Hoagland composition




  • The best option for growing tomatoes and other veggies
  • Easily dissolves in water and can be stored for many months
  • A complete combination of micro and macro nutrients
  • Easy to manage nutrition with proper instructions




  • May not be suitable for some hydroponic plants like leafy greens

Best Nutrients for Hydroponics


  1. City Greens Hydroponics Nutrients


The NPK balanced hydroponic nutrients are suited for soil-less farming as well as coco peat and soil farming.




  • It has 6 macronutrients and about 5 micronutrients
  • Also has 4 organic growth promoters
  • It is pH balanced and has trace elements
  • Easy to use the mixture as per instructions




  • Provides complete nutrition along with NPK
  • Avoid pH fluctuations in your nutrient system
  • Good value for money product
  • Can also be used for coco peat and hydroponic farming




  • May not be suitable for flower plants



  1. Radongrow Frutee Hydroponic Nutrient


The three-part hydroponic nutrient is best suited for fruiting and vine crops.




  • Suited for tomatoes, capsicums, beans, and other veggies
  • Has the right balance of micronutrients for enhanced growth
  • Easily mixes with water and can be stored for a long duration
  • Easy to use mixture by following instructions




  • No deficiency of micronutrients
  • Suitable for most vine crops
  • Can be stored for 2 years without any problems
  • It is very stable after mixing in water




  • NPK ratios not provided by the company


  1. Oxypot Hydroponic Nutrients


The 3 part hydroponic nutrients come in granular form and are suited for hydroponics as well as aquaponics and soil farming.




  • Can make 166 liters of liquid nutrients
  • Best suited for greens and herbs
  • Contains all 6 macronutrients





  • Can also be used with tap water or bore water
  • No need for EC and pH meter
  • Simple to use and provides a good dose of micronutrients
  • Cost-effective as granules stay potent for a long duration




  • Suited only for small scale garden farming


Best Nutrients for Hydroponics


These are some of the best hydroponic nutrients you can get in the market. You can order them online from the links given in this article. Make sure that you choose the suitable nutrients that are best for your chosen crops. You can store them for a few months and use them in appropriate doses.




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