July 25, 2020

Best Shree Yantra for home in India – Best For Your Home

Best Shree Yantra for home in India

Those who believe in the magic of nature, there are a few things that can bring luck and make the time favorable. One such magical item is Shree Yantra, which is believed to be influential in bringing good times and pushing away the hurdles of life. For those who want to get a Shree Yantra, there are some useful options available in the market. It is common to use Shree Yantra at the home, office, and temples in India. It has a standard geometry that is known to produce sacred vibrations when it is worshipped with devotion. As people believe that this can ward off negative energies and bring good luck and prosperity, they even use this for Vaastu corrections at home and offices.

1 Shahin Pearlmart Crystal Shree Yantra


This Shree Yantra is made of crystal material that is also known as Sphatik Shree Yantra. It is considered very auspicious to worship the yantra in this material.


The design is perfect, and it has a height of nearly 5.5 cm and a width of 4.5cm. You can even place it on your desk apart from your puja room at home.


It also makes a good gift, and you can easily choose this online. Make sure to offer puja regularly to this yantra and keep it clean to get positive energy.


2 Pandit NM Shrimali Margaj Shree Yantra


This Shree Yantra is relatively heavy compared to other items available in the market as it is made of Margaj stone material. It weighs more than 100 grams.


It is considered auspicious to worship Shree Yantra made of stone material, and it is usually not available in this material. It is believed that worshipping this yantra regularly can give you relief from all your sufferings and bring prosperity to your family.


The best part about this yantra is that it is already energized and you can straight away start using it at your home. You can wash it with normal water and offer puja at your home.



3 Divya Mantra Sri Meru Shree Yantra


This Shree Yantra is a bright golden, and it looks very attractive. It has a height of around 5.5 cm and a width of approximately 4.5 cm. You can comfortably place it in your puja room or on your desk at the office.


It can also be used for Vaastu correction when you are living in rented accommodation or cannot make repairs to correct Vaastu problems.


You can use more than one of these yantras at different places in your home to correct Vaastu defects.


Best Shree Yantra for home in India


4 Rudradivine Meru Shree Yantra


This Shree Yantra is slightly expensive compared to other items in the list as it is made from ashtadhatu material that is a combination of Gold, Bronze, and other alloys.


It has a complete gold finish that gives it a bright appearance. Apart from that, it is believed that Shree Yantra will give more energy when it is made of precious metals.


You can use this at home to get positive energy and relief from your sufferings. It is also used regularly at offices and shops to attain wealth.


Best Shree Yantra for home in India


5 Vrindavan Shopi Brass Sumeru Shree Yantra


The Shree Yantra comes in a unique design as it is placed on top of a tortoise. This is generally known as Sumeru Shree Yantra, and it is well known to bring good luck to people who worship this yantra.


Most people use this at home and also in shops to attract prosperity. It is made from ashtadhatu material, and you can even offer a milk bath to the yantra without any hassles.


It is easy to maintain, and you can wash it with normal water after performing Abhishek to the Shree Yantra.


Best Shree Yantra for home in India


6 Achleshwar Copper Shree Yantra


Unlike other items, this Shree Yantra is printed on a copper plate, and it is suitable for worshipping at home. You can even put this into a photo frame and worship the yantra.


It is wide and has a square shape with a height and width of 15 cm. It is already energized, and you can directly offer puja to this yantra after receiving the package.


You can install it at your home on a Friday or any other auspicious day to get the best effects. It can generate positive energy in your surroundings when you worship it every day.


Best Shree Yantra for home in India


These are some of the best Shree Yantras available in the market that can be used at home. You can choose the yantra based on the material and design of the yantra. Make sure to consult your priest or older person at home before you worship the yantra on an auspicious day. You can experience a lot of positivity when you worship this yantra daily.


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