July 30, 2020

Best wireless mouse for PC or Laptop In India – Best Reviews

Best wireless mouse for PC or Laptop in India


The wireless mouse is the best thing you can get for your PC and Laptops. It helps you to avoid messy wires and looks very elegant on your table. Most offices use such wireless keyboards and mouse. It is very convenient to use, and they run on regular batteries. When it comes to using a wireless mouse on your laptop, you will find it very comfortable as most people find it difficult to scroll on the laptop keypad. Using a wireless mouse, you can easily use the laptop like a regular desktop.

  1. Logitech B170 Wireless Mouse


It has very good wireless connectivity, and you can easily access your computer from a distance of up to 10 meters. The device comes with a plug and play USB mini receiver so that there is no need to install any software.


The advanced optical tracking feature is very useful as it helps you to use it on any surface. The precision is excellent, and you do not need a special mouse pad to make fast and precise moves.


The battery life is perfect, and the company claims that it can last for nearly 12 months. You can at least expect it to last for a few months without any hassle. It is compatible with Windows, Mac and other OS platforms.


  1. Dell WM126 Wireless Optical Mouse


Dell is Best wireless mouse for PC or Laptop In India has a good reputation for manufacturing the best accessories, and you will certainly not be disappointed with this wireless mouse. It comes with a USB wireless receiver that can be directly plugged to your computer and used without any hassles.


It uses a regular AA type battery that does not cost much, and you can expect the battery to last for a good few months. The design is comfortable, and you can conveniently use it for long hours without any strain in your palms.


It has an excellent movement resolution of 1000 dpi, which is excellent for regular office work and home use. The range of wireless connectivity is also decent, and you can easily use it within a few meters away from your computer.


  1. HP X3500 Wireless Mouse


The mouse works on wireless technology, and it comes with a mini USB receiver that can be plugged into the computer or laptop. The company provides a one year warranty on the product.


The range of the wireless connectivity is decent, and you can use it even from a distance of a few feet from the computer. It also works easily on any surface without any problems. There is no need to use a separate mouse pad for this device.


The best thing about the device is that it is light in weight and the design is very comfortable so that you can use it for a long duration without any inconvenience.


Best wireless mouse for PC


  1. iBall Free Go G25 Wireless Mouse


The design is ergonomic, and you will find it convenient to use for laptops and desktops. It also looks attractive.


The alkaline battery provides high performance for a long duration, and you can easily connect the device to your computer using the nano USB receiver.


The best part about the device is that it comes with automatic power-saving feature and it will use that when the mouse is idle for a long duration.



  1. Xmate Zorro Pro Wireless Mouse


This is the best gaming mouse you can get in the wireless category. It has 6 mechanical buttons and operates on DPI optical sensor technology. It also comes with RGB lighting that is essential for most gaming activities.


It is made with ABS plastic and has an anti-skid scroll option. In this way, it is suitable for high-speed gaming activities. It is compatible with various OS, and you can conveniently use it on your laptops and desktops.


The company provides a one year warranty on the product. It has a rechargeable battery, unlike the regular wireless products available in the market.


Best wireless mouse for PC


  1. Portronics Toad Wireless Mouse


It is best suited for laptops and desktops. It comes with a USB receiver that connects to your computer. It has a 3D ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your palms.


The data transmission speed is good, and you can work from a distance of up to 10 meters from the receiver unit. The battery life is decent enough to last for a few months.


It is a plug and play device, and there is no need to install any software to use this on your computer.


Best wireless mouse for PC

These are some of the best wireless mouse you can get in the market for PC and Laptops. You need to choose them based on the design of the mouse and its weight. Note that some of them can be heavy as they contain batteries. The batteries last for nearly 4 months when you use them extensively, and it may last longer when you use it sparingly. In most cases, you can even get a combo pack of the wireless keyboard along with a wireless mouse. In that case, you need not use two USB ports, and they can work on a combined wireless USB dongle.

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