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Ambi Pur Car Air Freshener India 2020

  • Easy to control
  • Intoxicating fragrance
  • Provides consistent fragrance release
  • Ergonomically-designed, lightweight and compact


Ambi Pur Car Air Freshener India 2020

A pack of Ambi Pur Best Car Air Freshener can keep your vehicle new for a whole year, as it contains 24 trees that can each last as long as seven weeks. You likewise have an assortment of decisions, as the organization offers 41 fragrances to look over.


Each tree is enveloped by a reasonable plastic pack. You hang the tree from your rearview mirror and pull the sack up or down to uncover pretty much of the tree. The more you uncover, the more grounded the scent and the shorter the tree’s life.

Key Features


  • 24 cardboard trees


  • 41 fragrance alternatives


  • String to dangle from rearview reflect


  • Bag to uncover pretty much of the tree


  • Fragrance life of as long as seven weeks

What Customers Are Saying


Ambi Pur Car Air Freshener got a rating of 4.4 stars from its 3,000 client surveys on Amazon, which is higher than the 4.2 Amazon normal for the entirety of the deodorizers looked into. Appraisals from other online business retailers expanded its score to 4.6, which is 0.2 stars higher than the general normal of 4.4 stars.

Clients valued the item’s assortment of scents, as other Best car air fresheners India available for the most part smell fruity or like clothing. The greatest grievance was that sure aromas last less time than the publicized scent life. One aroma that was referenced frequently was the cowhide fragrance. While shoppers loved this fragrance, it just endured a couple of days before the aroma blurred enough that it not, at this point concealed smells.

Our Experience


Set Up


To set up this Ambi Pur Car Air Freshener, we removed the tree totally from the plastic wrapping and hung it from the rearview reflect utilizing the included string.

Style and Space


This vehicle deodorizer doesn’t occupy a great deal of room, yet it is the principal thing you notice while getting into the vehicle in view of its area on the rear view reflect. It is anything but a little tree either, so it hinders a little bit of the driver’s perspective on the correct side.



We tried out the “dark ice” fragrance, which was wonderful. But since we removed the tree totally from the plastic sack, the fragrance was solid and here and there overwhelming.

Smell Masking/Elimination


The tree’s solid fragrance implied that it was the main thing you could smell while getting into the vehicle. Nonetheless, we unwrapped the tree totally, which implies the tree will last less time. In this way, at a mind-blowing finish, it presumably doesn’t work superbly of veiling terrible smells if completely opened up.

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