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  • Purified Alkaline water for home is a great source of anti-oxidants. It effectively helps to balance pH ratio of the body.
  • PURO offers the relief of alkaline water filtering so simple as in a jug without hassles of wall mounting, large space, manual cleaning, expensive filter changes and the like.,
  • ALK filter technology machine uses multi-layer Composite alkaline filtration which dissolve solid, do away with toxicant and give a boost to immunity
  • Alkaline water has smaller molecular count making it easier for the body to take in. Keeping our bodies in a more alkaline state will boost the immune system
  • One PURO ALK Fil Cartridge in most cases lasts upto 60 days taking into consideration 2.5 litres of alkaline drinking water consumption. For Customer Make stronger call Toll Free at 1800 121 553 333.


Best Alkaline Water Pitcher:

Water is life! We have all heard about it and follow it to but not to the full extent. Yes, we use filtered water but still,there are some qualities of water that we are not aware of and these can be harmful when they are intaken cumulatively. Yes, we are talking about Acidic water. Intaking a regular amount of acidic water is harmful to our bodies. So what to do?

The most efficient solution is using Alkaline water. The basic chemistry implies that Alkaline reacts with the acid to balance the pH. That means if we intake alkaline water then the pH of our body’s fluids will remain balanced and there would be no harm to health.

Using machines that make water alkaline is just too costly. But there is a cost-efficient solution – in the form of Alkaline Water Pitcher. The process is simple – there is a dip filtration system in these pitchers – you put the water in the top part and gradually that amount of water gets filtered in the lower compartment which is alkaline. Easy and simple and the most effective part is that these pitchers can be carried because they don’t take up that much space.

Why Use Best Water Pitcher?

Choosing a perfect alkaline pitcher is a cumbersome process. We have to keep in mind about the family size because everyone needs healthy water, storage space because who wants to fill the pitcher, again and again, filter life span (obviously!), working efficiency, pH increment, and quality. So keeping all these things in mind we have reviewed several top alkaline pitchers in the market and among them the best option is – EHM Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher

The best thing which we loved about this water pitcher is the possibility to set the pH of the water to the basic value of 10, obviously based on the water source. But no other pitcher has this capability like this in the market. And pH balancing is the whole purpose of using Alkaline Water Pitcher, right!

This pitcher comes with the water ionization capability- that means it will reduce the size of water molecules making them easily absorbable in the body thus providing easy and long term hydration. And at the same time, it filters free radicals and toxins which benefit the immune system.

Talking about the machine – there is a 6 stage filter cartridge where harmful chemicals like chlorine, heavy metals, fluorides, and many other toxins are filtered and in the end, we get a perfectly balanced pH of the water. The filter is designed such that extra useful minerals are added such as calcium, magnesium, anti-oxidants. And there is also a side benefit- it provides a low negative ORP in the range of  -100 to -200 mv. And it is a health fact that normal healthy drinking water should have ORP in the negative range.

Which Best Water Pitcher?

Now the design – the 2020 model is super cool and looks state-of-art design and it can hold water in the capacity of 3.8L. The shape and size of the pitcher are such that it can easily be carried in a travel bag and easily fit in the fridge. We have used the pitcher and the body is quite tough with a smooth touch. Also, using this EHM Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher, you will be given an app that will automatically tell you when you need to change the filter, so the worry that you might accidentally start intaking acidic water is out of the window.

We were fully satisfied with the quality of water if we let it remain in the pitcher and even after 4 to 5 days the water tasted fresh. They claim that water will remain in the fresh condition for 6 to 8 weeks but we were satisfied with 5 days.

The plastic used is highly durable and seems flexible. The most common problem we encounter with this kind of product is their structure- lid problems, body problems, and more. Well there are none, the lid works perfectly, filling it up is easy, and taking out water is extremely easy. There are no lose points in the body and the body is transparent so you get to know how much water is remaining.

Buying is easy, if you buy it on Amazon they would deal with extra filters and that’s a good deal. So if you are looking for a budget-friendly alkaline water pitcher – go for EHM Ultra Premium Water Pitcher.

There were other contenders too and they have satisfied us with their working. If you are interested you can look them up – there is Reshape Alkaline Water Pitcher, pH Restore Water Pitcher, Naples Natural Water pitcher. These all compete in the same criteria as EHM Ultra Premium but fall short of it in some ways.


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