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Spindle Motor TriQuench India Stainless Steel l 2.2 kW Router

  • POWER:2.2 – SPEED:18000 – VOLTAGE: 220V
  • APPLICATION:Engraving – COOLING: Air cooled
  • 1 set of ER20 collets (1pcs ER20 4/6/8/10 mm each, 0.008 mm precision)
  • Spindle Motor TRIQUENCH India


Spindle Motor TRIQUENCH India

The centre of any mill is the CNC spindle. Spindle Motor TRIQUENCH India It consists of a revolving assembly with a taper that helps to mount tool holders. The transmission fits the CNC spindle motor’s maximum power rpm range to the spindle RPMs which are suitable for the precise velocities and feeds of the material being cut.

CNC spindles play an integral part in the machining process. These components are vital to a quick and efficient operation, while also ensuring that the elements generated are as accurate as possible. Superior Spindle, located in Taylor, MI, is a leading voice in spindle repair, spindle replacement and Spindle taper grinding; it repairs all types of spindles and their components. As a result, they provide their customers with the following information on what a CNC spindle is and how it works to keep them up-to-date on the new spindle technique.

  • This motor spindle is waterproof, metal (steel, Aluminum, etc.) can be used.
  • Note: The speed of the Spindle can’t be less than 9000rpm!!!!
  • 4pcs High Quality Bearings, 4 bearings (C7005x2 + C7003x2), Class P4.
  • Tapered precision bore 0.01 mm; Runout off less than 0.02 mm.
  • Key application: wood, glass, PVC industry. Primarily suitable for non-metallic engraving. The spindle motor
  • Runoff: less than 0.05 mm, Speed: 18000rpm, Frequency: 300Hz
  • Note: The speed of the Spindle can’t be less than 9000rpm!!!! Tapered bore accuracy: Less than 0.025 mm.
  • 4 (C7005x2 + C7002x2) bearings, P4 class, Angular touch bearings.
  • Key applications: industrial wood, aluminium, stone, metal, glass, PVC.
  • “Wiring: You need to open Junction box and attach Inverter’s U and spindle’s” V1 with “link Inverter’s V, also attach spindle’s” W1 “with Inverter’s W, Ground is not needed connector is also not required, inverter’s R S T any 2 pins must be linked with 220VACAC connect.”
  • Note: The speed of the Spindle can’t be less than 9000rpm!!!! Runout off: less than 0.01 mm, Speed:0-24000rpm, 220VAC frequency variable drive, frequency: 0-400Hz
  • This spindle engine was used on CNC Router, Lathes, Mills, Water Pump: Car Hoists, Pumps & Conveyors, etc.
  • 2KW VFD 220V new brand, high-quality VFD spindle and a spindle motor suitable mainly for non-metallic engraving
  • 1 set of ER20 collets (1pcs ER20 4/6/8/10 mm each, 0.008 mm precision)
  • Spindle Motor TRIQUENCH India

How do spindles work?

CNC spindle is mostly powered by electricity, but compressed air may also be used to power them. To satisfy several different needs, they are available in a wide variety of sizes. A spindle is built with a motor, a holding tool taper and a shaft which holds all the separate components together. Spindles rotate on an axis from the accompanying CNC controller which receives feedback on movement.

About the TRIQUENCH India Stainless Steel Spindle Motor

  • This spindle motor is a high-precision, small, highly reliable electric motor which is used to rotate the Spindle or shaft with which concerned plates are fixed on HDD (Hard Drive).
  • The platter is a small, high-precision aluminium or glass disc that is covered with high-precision magnetic material on both sides and used to store data in an HDD. Modern HDDs usually contain several plates; all mounted on one shaft to optimise the data storage surface within a given volume of space.
  • Both HDD spindle motors are designed to drive the platens directly. That is, a single, integrated rotating shaft of the motor and shaft on which the plates are placed.


The spindle speed is the identification plate’s nominal value (12.000, 15.000, 18.000, 24.000, 40.000 rpm), which doesn’t mean that the Spindle is always spinning with such revolutions.

The inverter can control revolutions, but you must note that the spindle power is the value of torque multiplied by rotational speed, so while retaining torque and which revolutions by half, the power also drops by about half. So we’ve got to make a compromise here.

The primary criteria in terms of power are the overall diameter of milling cutters to be used and the materials treated with these cutters.

The Spindle (0.8kW 24,000 rpm) is appropriate for the machining of metal, plastic, wood or laminate with cutters up to 5 mm and, accordingly, cutters up to 8 mm-1 kW spindle, cutters up to 12 mm-3.3 kW spindle, cutters up to 16 mm-5.6 kW spindle.

A lower rpm spindle (15,000 to 18,000 rpm) and, accordingly, cutters up to 10 mm-3.3kW spindles, cutters up to 12 mm-5.6kW spindles, cutters up to 16 mm-7kW spindles, cutters up to 20 mm-10kW spindles should be selected for steel.

Pros Of The Spindle Motor

  • Triquench Stainless steel Spindle Motor has a diametric dimension of 65 mm and a length of 180 mm. Other technical product parameters are the operating voltage varying from 220 to 250 ACV. The power supply needed is 0.8 KiloWatt with a rotating spindle frequency rated at 400 Hz.
  • The imported motor bearing makes the product stand out from other ordinary spindle engines. The high-velocity motor ranges from 0-24000 RPM.
  • The commodity is commonly used in engraving as well as wood carving machines, in small-scale processing workshops, in advertising gravure machines, and centrifugation based on high speed, etc.
  • A very quiet product which can be used for both carving and gravure. Comes with both collets as well as wrenches for picking.
  • Can experience extremely high rotational speed for an extended period. The product just works cool, quiet, and ideal for any projects focused on a lathe or CNC router.

Spindle Motor TRIQUENCH India

Cons of the Product

  • Can’t directly run the product with Arduino. To power a VFD, you will need a Network Protocol, such as RS-422, Ethernet, or Modbus, which will then autonomously run the induction motor. Note that VFD must be set to Mode V / Hz.


This was a quick review of the spindle motor stainless steel that is being offered from a well-known brand in the industry. There are a lot of motors that you can shop from, but this one is going to be your best companion with the long-lasting and durable life. All you need to keep in mind is to use it as per the instructions in the manual and make the most of it.


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